Final Night

Wow! Can’t believe the week is already coming to an end. What a week! Many mixed emotions tonight. All are ready to see loved ones we have missed so much this week. But our hearts are still so connected to the beautiful Guatemalan people. Amazing how much they touch our hearts and how we become connected in just a few short days. We know that they will live in our hearts forever and we will see many of them one day in heaven and live eternally with them and that brings great JOY!

Our team was able to experience Antigua today for a few hours. A beautiful day for that!

In just a few minutes our team will begin our final night of devotions.  Those who have been here and know how powerful of a night this can be.  Be in prayer for God to move in us more on this final night before we begin our journey home.  Pray what we have experienced here and how we have grown can be reflected greatly in our lives when we arrive back home.

A HUGE thank you to all who have played a part in getting this team here and all who have been our prayers warriors this week.  This team extends way beyond the 16 people who will gather in just a few minutes.  Many lives transformed because of you!

In Him,





Victory in Jesus!!

It is hard to put into words all that happened here in Guatemala today.  Today was dedication day and all 3 families accepted Christ as their savior.  The team really came together as prayer warriors and had victory in Jesus.  In the first house, when the time came for the family to make their decision as to whether or not they would accept Christ, Dan expressed to the team surrounding the home that the battle was being lost because of doubt from the father.  The team took their prayers to an even higher level and the family accepted.  And that was just the beginning of a very emotional morning.  Yesterday brought an end to physical work we did on the homes, and today our focus shifted to the spiritual work that needed to be done.

Dedication in the last home happened to be the home of a pastor in this village.  We had no idea going in what relationship this pastor actually had with Jesus Christ.  Would our efforts be seen in a bad light and would he refuse? Our team knew it was going to take very concentrated prayer to win this victory.  The pastor and his wife did in the end rededicate their lives to Christ and we believe this is a brand new relationship with Jesus Christ that can bring a huge revival to this village and their struggling church.  It was a very emotional victory for all of us. Tears all around, or as some might say we all were “leaking the Holy Spirit.”  The Holy Spirit was definitely in this place today!!

What an ending to an amazing, emotional week for all. Again, we can’t say enough what an amazing team God has assembled. Before we left the base today Dan shared a verse with us in Romans about being conquerors for Christ.  With God leading us, that sums up our day.

Tomorrow we will be doing small jobs around the base and have a few hours to be in Antigua. And then we head home in just two days. Pray us home prayer warriors! Thank you all for covering us!

In Him,



God is on the move

Wow, busy few days here in Guatemala.  Yesterday began with a very powerful devotional session for our team. God was preparing us for our mission last night for sure.  We traveled to a second coastal village, a small ranchero of about 25 families.  As we arrived the people were gathered and ready for us.  We got to work setting up the clinic, part of the team worked in the clinic, while the other half mingled with the villagers. Games, crafts and lots of laughter was the order of the night.  Mike Duke should be a comedian.  He had the men and women in stitches, just as he and Frank did the night before.  Never have I experienced so much laughter at a med clinic.  Laughter knows no language barrier. Our night was again covered by the Holy Spirit and many men, women and children dedicated or rededicated their lives to Christ.  As our days go by our team is experiencing God in many mighty ways. There is a feeling of the Holy Spirit also working mightily in this team.

Today we returned to our build village. It was stucco day. That is always a fun day. We worked as a team to stucco the three homes we are building. We were able to stucco, paint and put roofs on the homes. Our physical work is done on the homes and tomorrow the spiritual work begins. Tomorrow is dedication day.  Tomorrow we work to gain brothers and sisters in heaven. Prayer warriors pray for this! Pray the Holy Spirit is present and is working in the lives and hearts in the families we will be asking to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for emotional strength for our team and the Paradise Bound staff.

We have experienced restored physical strength! Our team is healthy and strong.  Thank you prayer warriors!

On a last note… We experienced God on the move today, literally.  As we piled in the vans to head back to the base, one van didn’t want to work. Luckily, Riley is filled with wisdom when it comes to fixing diesel vehicles. God moved through Riley and Daniel to fix the van and we were on the move again and God brought us all back safe!

God is good. We know His plan is unfolding and I am blessed to witness it all alongside this amazing team He has assembled.

Thank you all for blessing us with your prayers! We feel them.

In Him,


Going Coastal, Part II

Yesterday was a great day at the med clinic.  We were in San Vicente el Baul, which is a coastal village about 2 1/2 hours from base.  It was a bit of a treacherous drive….Michigan pot holes got nothin’ on these Guatemalan “roads”.  I never knew a 15 passenger van could take on that kind of terrain!  🙂 Even though it was a very hot, long day we powered through with God by our sides!  The medications we provided will give physical healing.  The time we spent with them in prayer and worship provided spiritual healing.  Please pray with us that this was just the beginning for them.  Please pray that the testimonies and songs our team shared affect them far beyond our time spent with them yesterday.  Prayers were answered that they accepted us in to their village for the day.  And many praises to our Lord that so many of them accepted Jesus into their hearts.

Today will be another med clinic day….heading to another coastal village.  Again we ask for prayers as it will be similar conditions as yesterday.  We also have a couple in the group who are not feeling very good and they could use healing prayers as well.  Looking forward to another great day showing the love of Christ!


Going Coastal

Today, Saturday, the team is heading to a coastal village for a medical clinic.  It will be hot. Prayer warriors please pray for strength for the day. Prayers that the heat does not hamper our ability to share the love of Jesus Christ with these villagers.  Pray team members do not hold back and they are vessels for that love to freely flow. Paradise Bound has not yet done a medical clinic in this village so pray we are welcomed. Pray for safe travels as it is a few hour drive to the village.

Thank you all for your prayers! We feel them, they carry us!!

In Him,


We Have Arrived!!!

Team Lifestream has arrived!! Thank you, Thank you to all of our prayer warriors!! Travel was smooth and we went through customs without a hitch!  It’s been a long day, We are tired, but excited to be here!!!! We are unpacking and organizing meds and just realizing how awesome it is to be here to be His hands and feet! Tonight we will have our first team devotions and then tomorrow morning head out early to begin home building.  Continue to pray for energy, health and that all we do represents our awesome God!

In Him,